Apr 29, 2006

My First Post

I had a plan of having my weblog since very long. The time has come for me to scrap my thoughts here. Being very chatty, I have always had many thoughts flowing in my mind. I'm happy I could scrap something here.
Strating my career in IT since a week ago, I have had very tight schedule at work having no food on decent time. I'm enjoying the job and it's again great to have wonderful colleagues who like me a lot. Not sure of the reason, but it's nice to be surrounded with people who show the belonginess. Being new hire to the concern, I felt lil odd to adjust to people over there for a couple of days. I should be grateful to my team members for not letting me feel lone and considering me as their tm in a weeks time :)
Getting to know that I'm the youngest in the team, again... lot of pulling my leg , teasing me..
guess I wont get rid of this anywhere I step in hehe... May be it's cause of my polciy "come what may take it easy". It's just great to have all freaky colleagues. This freaky part lets me bog down of my work stress.
We had a great party at Rice Bowl last weekend! It was one of my colleagues BDay..tho' I felt out of place being with new folks at the outset, I could get along with them very easily as the party continued... Having more of guys in the party, more of boozing and fagging! huh..never mind a speck of a party.. I wonder how did I manage eat so huge amount of food that day :P I beleive to eat food, company matters hehe especially for me who's been a poor and slow eater :D
Coming to my Sunday (23rd April), I had some customers for facial and waxing. It's good, I'm getting chance to start off with my parlour activities along with my job too. This went on till 3PM and later in the evening, i visited a parlour as i wished to color my hair globally but not streaks.. I chose a garnier-burgundy color for my hair. In the late evening i watched some movies like Tomorrow Never Ends, The HITCH (rewatch).
Beginning of this week(24th), i had some Monday Blues going to office.. but then i recovered off it soon and just been busy with the job stuffs. Being still under training and as a freshers loads to learn. I try to find time to practice at home too. Nowadays am quite comfy with the Manual and Automation Testing. It's good i just have to spend around 3 hrs for travelling to office and coming back home.
I make sure i go on terrace every evening after i get back home..just for the fresh air..to get off the running thoughts!! letting go the past.. i can say JUST TO GIVE TOTAL TIME FOR MYSELF...being in cool breeze, looking at the stars in the sky...dreaming of my goals, thinking of the ways to achieve it, no wonder i do dream of my man. I had no habit of dreaming till i joined this new job.. a colleaague of mine made me plain on DREAMS! How to make things happen, to take things come my way, making my dream come true.. guess i was missing the beautiful part of my life all these years. never mind i'm not too late to dream. I have my MASTER's blessings with me which keeps me moving on.
I received so many ecards from my ex-colleagues. They make my day by sending SMS or mailing me. I must thank god for giving me so wonderful people around me, who remember me always and are there for me when i need them. It's a great feeling to be remembered by someone even after leaving that place or not being in touch personally. Talking about Arun Cheta, a beautiful soul, whos with me every moment, who gives me noral suport eveyrtime i break down.. makes me so releived off my any kinda stress. Think of him, my mobile beeps!
I'm kinda excited abt my NEW HELLO TUNE for my airtel number :) some say, can't predict what kinda gal i'm. some of them just keep giving missed calls just to hear it. I selected the hello tune yesterday. i saw around 20 missed calls when i got up in the morning. All my friends are clever enough to gimme calls in night as i'll be asleep and wont be picking the call hehe...
I watched a movie BULLETPROOF MONK by PAUL HUNTER... It was kinda entertaining movie. It is mystic, witty, fun, and action packed! The storyline is good, the plot is good, and the performances are good. It was a surprise to see Seann William Scott turn from slap-stick joker to slap-stick tough guy. Chow Yun Fat as always does well in the combat, and way to go Jaime King, I never knew she would fit so well in this sort of action film.Definitely a great thrill if you're in the mood for it. I still have three movies lined up to watch..not sure if i find time for them... UNDERWORLD, THE TOUCH, A MAN APART.. I'm planning to watch some of our south indian telugu and tamil movies.. have to check in the website for latest ones...
Hmmm..wedding concerns!!!! It's still going on..could find some interesting guys on matrimony sites, who match my wavelength.Developing talks..knowing each other is the SIGNIFICANT part of it, which takes quite a long while. Not sure of my destiny, but i dream of someone who could to lend his hand to me to make my dreams come true, who can stand by me every moment (doesnt mean i can't be independent :P) I have the power to achieve my goals in my life. Whoever is the guy, I would love to lead a very happy life off the tensions,stresses and issues.
As of now, my career holds the first priority than my wedding. I always beleive in "CAN'T CROSS A CHASM IN TWO SMALL STEPS". So I let everything happen on time very smoothly..
I have planned to cook some good food tomorrow. lemme give a try :P