Feb 27, 2012

Too Far....

It's been ages I have got few lines out of me... Lastnight I could jott few lines all of a sudden! :-)
It's too far from everything and is lonely, I don't know what my mind wants,
When I looked, I noticed it's so crowded around me,
Everyone is busy and restless, they all look strangers,
The strings used to tie everyone together is not that strong anymore,
I am looking for someone who is really/truely mine, but I wonder if that dream will ever come true,

It's too far from everything and is lonely, I don't know what my mind wants
When I looked, I noticed that it's so crowded around me!!

Feb 22, 2012

To lie is to betray - to pretend to love is to betray self and partner

All the lies, pretentions to love someone, finally hope you realise how it is inside you and the importance of true love, the truthfullness towards self and the partner.

Being away in different situations as yours, you will see d true being of a person. Wanting a person is different from loving a person. Needing a person is different from loving a person.

Ego cries, ego messes, ego lies, ego pretends, just to keep you hoping untill too late to change partner.
It's no love at all, just the ego game, pretention to love someone.

Pretention is a betrayal of your own needs as well betrayal of your partner. It's more like giving and taking oral sex. Empty promises, empty of true love. "There is no point saying I LOVE YOU again and again when you truly know deep in your heart you really dont love your partner". At no time, under no circumstances should anyone ever say "I LOVE YOU" wihtout feeling that very moment of magic flow in your heart.

Eveyrone needs love, true love, need to be ready prepared and pure in heart to give and accept all love. All tantrums of love.

It's takes time to leave back the wrong partner for all those tears we shed for them.

Truthfulness is an absolute need for success in life, in love life and in all eternal aspects of life. To feel guilty is of no benefit to either - it simply shows and proves you that you made substantial mistakes by pretending to love someone without really feeling that magic true love for that one.

A love relationship is like driving a car - both car and road is needed. Roads might have bumps n ditches, just like ups and downs in life. Yet you don't stop driving car! but you stop loving someone cause of your own weakness of accepting them.

Either of us are wrong, most of our energy is wasted or lost in life instead of uplifting, inspiring and healing each other which gets couple closer and closer and so the relationship lasts longer

Being true and not pretending is so needed in a relationship, atleast to your own heart, then to be true to your partner.

The true love is felt each day, eveyr moment, but not when pretended.

The strong and true love remains no matter what happens, no matter what happened in past and no matter what future brings. I beleive only such love can last eternally, travelling together from hell to heaven n heaven to hell is an terenal journey.

The Self

It's been years I blogged, but getting back to the lost habit again, hope to write often from now on.

Thoughts bombarding my mind since many days, life has been so hectic, lastnight I decided to give time for myself all alone. I sit by the river, looking at the dark sky, the shining stars, the lights around, reflection of lights in the river. It's so beautiful.

Sometimes it gets difficult to understand the person you are in relationship with, especially when sometimes when we don't even understand ourselves. What is the reason behind these imbalancing feelings? How does people change their view about someone so easily? Why do people pretend?

Humans are so complex. Ones behavior depends on emotions, beliefs, point of views etc.. combine that with another person who is driven by different emotions, beliefs, point of views creates a big time emotional dramas and chaos. Some take it positively, some negetively, some pretend.

I recently learnt several foundational elements affect all relationships, call it love, work or family were principally driven by different images.

For the first time I understood the reasons why people get into emotionally dramatic relationship and why they stay there as long as they could. When I became aware of these unseen forces I knew where to make the changes to avoid the roller coaster of emotions that I had been on.

I am yet trying to look at the diagrams in my mind, how the images drive our emotions, behaviors, and decisions in relationships. It is through our awareness we trap ourselves to begin to get out of the drama. Possibility of living outside the illusion of Relationship Matrix. That experience is lived aithetically in the heart with the emotion of love and respect. False images of ourselves and each other form the basis for emotional reactions. I realised if we want to make permanent meaningful changes in our relationship dynamics, we should address the real cause – the images we carry in our minds of ourselves, and each other.

We don’t have just one self-image - we have many, and our emotional behaviors in relationships, and how we feel about ourselves, arise from these images. This gets even more complicated when we consider that the other person in the relationship has behaviors and agreements driven by their self images. These images exist as belief structures in the mind and are often difficult to see in the beginning, but as you develop awareness, it becomes easier.

In order to see these images, start by noticing your thinking, internal dialogue, and what you say about yourself and other people. So I beleive the more time you give yourself, the better understand yourself and others....