Aug 23, 2016

A Way!!

Yes. Since yesterday I have been partially relieved from my constant ankle pain due to fracture. It's been more than a fortnight I went away... nobody bothered to check if I was okay...

Society doesn't respect women who are not wealthy, who don't dress up well, who don't show off, who are not high headed, who live a simple average life.

I have always faced lack of skill to differentiate one from other.

All that grew in my heart as I grew mentally, physically is just LOVE. No matter how I behave, what I talk, what I write, have always carried the quotient of concern and respect for others. I have just born something as a mismatch to this world with a list of abilities and disabilities which nobody neither accepted till today nor anyone would in future.

Does anyone on this earth even have the capability to recongnise goodness? People are so caught up in worldy desires - Sex, relationships, money, status. At the end of the day eveything is either burried or burnt. We merge into the THE MOTHER EARTH.

I have remained an odd one out. Stand separate in the  crowd for a reason people lack LOVE. Every moment you get judged for being different.

Someone recently asked me what makes you live like this? I wonder how I live to their eyes. I have been used to live a quiet loner life. Why do you need people in life? With so many around.. my whole world is within me. I gather the courage to face challenges alone.

No mattter what my spiritual growth is the only motto of my life. If you match be with me else find your way!

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